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Preschool Color Theme Lesson Plans
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Color theme activities for preschool.

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Do you need preschool color theme activities for your daycare or preschool classroom? You will love our fun ideas and easy to use lesson plans for teaching children how to recognize their colors through fun hands on activities, printable crafts, games, words to songs, rhymes, stories, circle time, literacy, math, gross motor and many other learning activities for preschoolers ages 2.5 to 6.

Preschool Color Theme

Color Theme preschool lesson plans

Preschool Lesson Plans
Kids R Learning
January Preschool Curriculum – Week 3
Letter O – Number 7

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We have a full week of preschool color theme activities in our preschool January curriculum lesson plans. Our January curriculum includes four weeks of lesson plans, each day has a circle time, story time, words to songs and rhymes, pre–reading, math, science, gross motor and a special activity! Super fun and affordable you can purchase the entire month for only $15.00! Click here to view

Color Theme Circle Time
Pompom Color Match Up
Hands On Learning

Color theme – preschool circle time

Or Use The Animal Print Outs
And Match Pompoms To The Circles!

Pompom Color Match Up

Fun Sensory Activity That Teaches Colors!

Our pompom color game is super fun for the kids and so easy for you to set up.

This color game activity provides many early learning skills. Children will practice identifying and matching colors. They will use their fine motor skills by pinching into the pompoms to pick them and then they will use their hand and eye coordination by placing the pompoms onto the circles around the animals.

This is such a fun way for kids to learn their colors and have a ton of fun at the same time!

Easy peasy set up! Super fun color activity for preschoolers, all you need are some pompoms and paper plates and watch the learning begin!

Color Theme Book
Brown Bear Book

Printable Story

Color Theme Brown Bear Book Story Time

Brown Bear Color Story (Included)

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you hear? I hear quack, quack, what can it be?

You will need to cut out some little squares to use as flaps and tape them over the animals in the book, to make little flaps for the kids to lift.

This cute printable story has the colors in it the children will be learning during our week 3 color theme lesson plans.

Right after you purchase our January preschool curriculum which includes this color week theme, you can print out this book.

Color Theme Rhyme
Spidey, Spidey
Interactive Rhyme

Color Theme Spider Finger Rhyme

Spidey, Spidey
Finger Rhyme

Spidey, spidey, crawling up the tree
{crawl fingers upward}

Spidey, spidey, making a web quickly
{crawl fingers upward) {put fingers together and then wiggle your fingers almost like typing and push fingers apart, like making a web}

Spidey, spidey, catching bugs that you see
{crawl fingers upward) {make a catching motion with your hands}

Spidey, spidey, how many bugs did you catch? 1, 2, 3!
{crawl fingers upward} {Hold up 1, 2, 3 fingers}

Our lesson plans include a song or rhyme each day {5 days per week}.

Color Theme Craft
Flower Garden

Color Theme Flower Craft for preschool

Flower Garden

Wow, look at the beautiful flowers! Children love making these colorful flowers and turning them into a flower garden.

Fun and simple crafts that engage the children and help them to focus on the colors they are learning about this week.

Color Theme Pre–Reading
Letter M

With Circle Stickers

Letter M

Dab, dab, dab and dab some more! What kid doesn't love to dab everything in sight!

Now they can dab all they want around the letter M!

Provide the children with the letter M pre–reading literacy activity page and have them dab all the circles with their paint daubers also called paint markers or bingo daubers.

Color Theme Math
Brown Bear Numbers

With Circle Stickers

Color theme preschool math number activity

Brown Bear Numbers

Where is the 5? Here it is! Are some of the words you will hear when using this number activity page for teaching and reviewing the numbers 1 to 7 with the kids in your daycare or preschool.

You will need circle stickers with one number written on each sticker using the numbers 1 to 7. The children will match up the numbers on the stickers to the circles with numbers on them that are around the bear, have the children stick the circle stickers onto the matching numbers around the bear.

Our January preschool curriculum includes 4 weeks of lesson plans which includes circle time, story time, song or rhyme, pre reading, math, science, gross motor movement & a special activity each day {5 days per week}.

Color Theme Science
Sorting Fruit Loops

& Tasting Too!

Fruit Loops Taste Test

The blue one goes here and the red one goes here and ha ha the green one goes in my mouth!

During science time today the kids will taste the Fruit Loops too to see if the red ones taste different than the yellow ones.

Fruit loops make a great learning tool kids can sort them, make patterns with them, count them and eat them, Yum Yum!

Color Theme Gross Motor
Brown Bear Cube

Stamp Like A Bear!

Stomp Like A Bear!

Toss the cube and then waddle like a duck!

Print out the brown bear gross motor cube and have the children take turns tossing it and then have them yell out what action they are seeing such as Stomp Like A Bear and then have everyone stomp like a bear, oh what fun!

Color Theme Special Activity
Brown Bear Hat

Brown Bear Hat

Easy peasy craft for the kids today. What kid doesn't love wearing a hat that he or she made themselves!

Have the children make their brown bear hats after hearing the brown bear color story {see story time above}.

Our curriculum lesson plans includes a special activity each day which could be a craft, a game, fine motor activity, dramatic play, etc. {5 days per week}

January Preschool Curriculum

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Four Weeks Of Lesson Plans
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