Monthly Preschool Curriculum

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January Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

January Curriculum

New Year’s
Color Week
Teddy Bears

February Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

February Curriculum

Dental Health
Five Senses

March Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

March Curriculum

Forest Animals
St. Patrick’s
Pet Week
Zoo Animals

April Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

April Curriculum

Bunny, Chick & Lamb
Community Workers

May Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

May Curriculum


June Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

June Curriculum

Storybook Week
Father’s Day

July Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

July Curriculum

Fourth of July

August Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

August Curriculum

Nursery Rhymes
Picnics & Barbecues

September Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

September Curriculum

Me & My Friends
All About Me

October Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

October Curriculum


November Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

November Curriculum

Farm Animals
Fruits & Vegetables
Native Americans

December Preschool ages 2.5 to 6 years

December Curriculum

Snow Theme
Winter Theme
Christmas Theme
Alphabet Theme

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Preschool Curriculum
About Our Program

Preschool Lesson Plans

Our preschool curriculum program is geared towards children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 years old. We also have toddler, young toddler and infant curriculum programs available. If you would like to view one of our other programs please click the word toddler or infant on the menu bar above. From the infant page you can click on the young toddler lesson plans.

Letter A Poster

Letter A Poster

Letter B Poster

Letter B Poster

Letter C Poster

Letter C Poster

Our curriculum is aimed at teaching the children their alphabet, numbers, shapes, shapes, pre writing {tracing letters}, learning to count, letter and number recognition, learning beginning sounds {by making letter books}, simple science activities and so much more.

Each month the children are taught three new letters and one number {September – May}. Above are our letters posters for the month of September. These posters are paper sized and can be printed from your computer and placed on the wall for your children to be able to view them each day. Each month you will receive three new letter posters to place up on the wall. You will also receive the number, shape and color posters to print out.

During the summer months {June – August} we review the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors the children have been learning through the school year.

Letter A Poster

Free Letter A
Coloring Page

Letter B Poster

Free Letter B
Coloring Page

Letter C Poster

Free Letter C
Coloring Page

Free Cute Letters To Download & Print Out

Click Here To View All 26 Letters

Above are three cute letters that you can download and print out for the children in your daycare. You can download all 26 alphabet coloring pages for free {Limited time}. Some children love coloring pages others do not. If you have children in your daycare that love to color then you may want to click the link above to go over to the ABC coloring page to download these for free to share with the children in your daycare.

Coloring pages are a fine motor activity. It teaches children to color inside the lines. Younger children may not color inside the lines they may just scribble all over the page, don’t worry if they are only scribbling on the page, as they mature they will learn to color inside the lines, encourage each child to be creative and let them color the page however they want, inside the lines...outside the lines, it doesn’t really matter as long as they are having fun.

Encourage the children to sit together or near each other as they are coloring, ask the children which letter they are coloring and what color they are using. Make it a relaxing social time for the children, put on some relaxing music {turn it down low}, above all...just have fun!

For those children that do not like coloring pages, offer them some plain paper, markers or crayons and let them use their imagination. The key point is to try and be flexible, not every child is going to like the same things. Try to think how you can offer them something similar but a bit different to make it more enjoyable for them.

 Plant Pot Flower Letters A, B, C Match Up

Plant Plot Flower Match Up

Letter B - Pre Reading Activity

Fun Shape Game Activity

The above picture is from our September preschool curriculum. During the month of September the children will be learning the letters A...B...C. Above is a pre reading activity where the children glued on buttons onto the letter B. If you have children under the age of 3 in your daycare, you may not want to use buttons, you could use pieces of blue paper or use blue stickers.

In our preschool curriculum children will be using glue, paint and working on learning how to cut, trace plus we try to include sensory and fine motor into our lesson plans. Sometimes the children will be using rice in a sandbox or planting fake flowers outside or sticking clothespins into holes in an egg carton. We try to recycle items such as milk cartons, toilet paper tubes, paper towel rolls, plastic jar covers, egg cartons when we can and when these items are no longer usable they can be placed into your recycle bin.

Dragonfly Writing Page, Trace the letter D

Dragonfly Writing Page
Trace The Letter D
Color The Picture

Paper Plate Numbers Activity

Math Activity
How Many Dots?
Learning About Numbers

What’s Missing?
Her Foot
Science Activity

Other areas we focus on in our preschool curriculum would be pre math, pre reading, pre writing and science.

Each month the children will be introduced to three new letters, to help the children learn these new letters they will do a craft with each of the letters, a letter book and trace the letters. Above you see the letter D dragonfly from our May curriculum. The children will be learning the letters Y and Z this month and then the last week’s of the month they will be reviewing different letters from previous months.

In the second picture above is one of our many number activities. This one is focusing on the numbers 0 through 5. The children will put dot stickers into each section of the paper by looking at the number that is in that section.

In the last picture above you will see one of our science activities from our preschool September curriculum. This one is from our all about me lesson plans. Each month that you purchase will include four week’s of lesson plans. Some of our other simple science activities include parts of a fish such as the {head, tail, fins}, other science activities would include sorting nuts and seeds, making popsicles, looking at roots, going on a bug hunt, matching up animals to their shadows and so many other exciting activities!

Our curriculum is sold by the month {or by the year}. Each month includes four weekly themed based lesson plans. Children will be learning about the themes through circle time, singing {no music, words to songs}, interactive rhymes, crafts, pre reading and math activities, science & discovery, large motor, etc.

Children will be using glue, paint, crayons, markers, stickers and other craft items throughout the month. They will be learning how to cut, trace, tell time plus working on pre math, pre reading and science. Some of the simple science projects would be sorting fruits and vegetables, growing grass, watching an ant farm and so many other exciting activities!

Circle Time

Story Time

Art Time

Arts & Craft Activity

Circle Time Songs

Circle Time Songs
Ring Around The Rosy

How our program started. We decided to develop a toddler/preschool curriculum program because we couldn't find one that we liked.

I bought several books on preschool lesson plans and even tried a few programs that delivered everything to your doorstep. My problem was that became expensive and the books I purchased were not quite what I was looking for. I would go through the whole book to find that I only liked one or two of the activities.

I was determined to have a great program for our daycare.

I ended up going back to school and taking classes on child development. Later, I ended up taking other classes on how to teach children, but it didn’t stop there, I then ended up taking several classes on learning how to make your own curriculum. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of fun new ways to start teaching young children.

I finally decided it was time to come up with my own curriculum. I wanted something fun, educational and hands on activities... for the children, if they are not having fun then they will lose interest and they will not learn as well. But I also wanted something where they are learning with lots of fun hands on activities.

After two years of hard work we developed {what we think is} a really good preschool program, which is affordable, easy to use and most important the children and parents love it.

We have found that our program works really well with our daycare. All the activities will work in a small or large daycare setting, a preschool or even in your own home if you are a stay at home Mom who is lucky enough to be home with her child.

All children need daily stimulation and our program provides a lot of fun interesting activities.

We hope you enjoy the curriculum as much as we enjoyed putting this program together.

Circle Time Activities

Circle Time Activity

Making Shapes With Legos

Making Shapes With Mega Blocks

Felt Board

Felt Board Stories

Getting Ready For School. We have found that when children are having fun and enjoy what they are doing, they learn quickly, which is what our program is all about, teaching the children through fun activities.

Our program is like providing a mini nursery school along with a preschool program in your own home, daycare or preschool. Parents like the idea that their child is having fun participating in daily activities, art projects, songs, finger plays and games. Our fun hands on activities are teaching them and getting them ready for school.

Our preschool curriculum program provides fun daily activities such as circle time or group time, art time, words to songs or rhymes, letter time, number time, science discovery activities, large motor activities and a special activity for five days per week. We start our morning program off each day with circle time.

Our preschool circle time starts our daily program. There is a calendar that you can print out, it’s paper sized and you may want to place it onto your bulletin board to let the parents know which activities their children are doing each day. You can check the calendar for a quick reminder of what activity you’re going to be doing next. Next, you may need to refer to the daily lesson plans on how to do the activities for that day.

To begin our circle time or group time activities, we try to get all the children to sit together in a circle on the floor. We never force any child to participate, but we do try to encourage participation. Our circle time activities could be a talk or discussion but usually involves a fun activity such as a learning activity, games, singing songs, hearing a story, etc. To begin our circle time, we discuss with the children the weather outside.

Weather Chart

Circle Time – Weather Chart

Weather Chart The weather chart is included in every monthly curriculum package. We start our morning program off each day with circle time. To begin our circle time, we discuss with the children the weather outside. We have the children look out the window and then we ask them “What is the weather outside?” If you have a lot of younger children they may not be able to answer correctly, then we give them hints; such as, {Is the sky white or blue?} if its white does anyone know what that means? {It”s cloudy.} “Is it raining outside?" Is it snowing outside?” Is it cloudy outside?" Is it windy outside?" We have a weather chart and each day we have one of the children move the arrow to the correct weather for that day.


Circle Time Calendar For The Children

Next we focus on the calendar. I will ask the children “Does anyone know what day it is?” If no one knows what day it is, I will tell them, “Today Is Thursday” {Or whatever day it actually is}. We have a large felt calendar with numbers that have Velcro on their backs to stick to the calendar. The children take turns putting up the numbers each day to show that day’s date. The Toddlers are too young to understand what a calendar is but they still have fun sticking up the numbers.

Next, we have one blank calendar for each child. Each day we will have them stick on a circle sticker with that day’s date on it. After they place the day onto the calendar, such as today is May 18th and they place the circle sticker with the number 18 on it on their calendar, then we have the children find the number one on the calendar and point to it and then we begin counting all the numbers that are on our calendars. Have the children point to each number and count up to the circle sticker number, such as number 18.

We write each child’s name on their calendar and then we either stick them onto the wall with a piece of tape or place them into a file folder and put them away until tomorrow. At the end of the month they can take their calendars home.

Seven days of the week song. After we have completed the calendar we sing the seven days of the week song which is shown below.

Seven Days Of The Week Song

There are seven days in the week,
seven days in the week.
There are seven days in the week. {Hold up 7 fingers}

And I know them all. {Point to self}

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Saturday is the last one.
Saturday ends the week.

Repeat song.

{Directions} Teacher will point to each day on the calendar.

Singing Songs And Reciting Rhymes

Each week we teach the children a few new songs or rhymes for that week’s theme. Children like repetition so don't be afraid to sing any song the children really like on a daily basis, but try to add a few new ones each week. It won’t be long and the children will be following along to the hand movements to the songs and nursery rhymes they hear often and before you know it they will start to sing right along with you! Be sure to include some of the children’s favorites each week. Some of our children’s favorites are listed below.

Circle Time Songs

The Wheels On The Bus
If your Happy And You Know It
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
ABC Song
Old McDonald Had A Farm

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
One Two Buckle My Shoe
Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
Five Little Monkeys Teasing Mr. Crocodile
Plus Many Other!

Listed above are some of the children’s favorites.

Yellow Square Craft
Mr. Square Craft

Art Time: Our preschool curriculum program provides a daily art project (craft) for the children to do each day that goes along with that week’s theme.

Caterpillar Craft With Paper Plates
Large Caterpillar Craft

After circle time we have the children come to the table and sit down to get ready for art time. You can refer to the preschool daily lesson plans to see which craft you will be doing that day, and if you need to print anything out for that day’s craft. If we are going to use glue I place the glue into tiny plastic cups. I have found that the sample size of play dough cans work great for this. I only put a small amount in each child’s cup; just enough for that days project. I then proceed to pass out child sized paint brushes for the young preschool children to use and for the older preschoolers we offer them smaller brushes.

Flower Garden Craft
Flower Garden Craft

If we are going to paint I make sure each child has some type of paint shirt on. If you do not have enough paint shirts, you can always use an old sweat shirt and cut off the arms. Anything will work.

You will also want some rags ready. We use our old washcloths for paint rags. You may find it works best to keep a wet rag handy for spills or for a child who is done before the others. Or you may want to have a dish pan with a small amount of water in it for the children who finish early can rinse off until they can get into the bathroom to wash up with soap and warm water.

Bird Egg Letter Match Up

Bird Egg Letter Match Up

Baby Chick Bingo

Baby Chick Bingo

Bear Letter Match Up

Bear Letter Match Up

Letter M Pompom Activity

Letter M Pompom Activity

Farm Letter Match Up

Farm Letter Match Up

Letter R Raccoon Writing & Coloring Page

Letter R For Raccoon
Writing & Coloring Page

Preschool Learning Activities: Above are six examples of some of our preschool pre reading activities. These activities are made from easily accessible materials and provide a fun learning experience for the children. Our program also offers other types of learning activities such as worksheets, coloring pages, printable games, puzzles, bug hunt, ant farm, nature walk and other fun ideas. These activities are to teach the children about sharing, numbers, alphabet, shapes, colors and much more! The activities shown above may not be available for the month you are purchasing but similar activities are available for each month.

Shoe Box Numbers

Shoe Box Numbers

Hungry Caterpillars

Feed The Caterpillar

Bear Number Match Up

Bear Number Match Up

Farm Animal Play Dough Mat

Play Dough Number Mat

Preschool Muffin Tin Numbers

Muffin Tin Numbers

Card Number Match Up

Card Number Match Up

Math Activities: Our preschool program also provides hands on math activities. Shown above are six examples of some of different types of fun hands on math activities that you will receive with our program. The activities shown above may not be available for the month you are purchasing but similar activities are available for each month.

Plant The Flower

Plant The Sunflower
Sensory Activity

Teddy Bear Pompom Color Game

Teddy Bear Pompoms
Color Game

Hair Scrunches

Hair Scrunches
Fine Motor Activity

Special Activities: Our preschool program also provides special activities for each day. Please view three of our examples above. The first picture the one with the flowers is a fun sensory activity where the children will have fun planting fake flowers. The next picture shown above shows is a cute teddy bear from our January preschool curriculum. The teddy bear is a fun color game for the children to play. And the last picture shows an activity of putting hair scrunches onto a card board base.

Our program is sold by the month or by the year.

Our Preschool Curriculum Program
Instant Download

Preschool Lesson Plans

Theme Based Curriculum
With Step–by–Step Lesson Plans

Our Curriculum On This Page Is For Preschoolers
Ages 2.5 to 6 Years

We also have toddler, young toddler and infant curriculums available. If you would like to view one of our other age groups please click the links below.

Toddler Lesson Plans

Ages 18 Months to 2.5 Years

Toddler Curriculum

Younger Toddler Lesson Plans

Ages 12 to 18 Months

Young Toddler Curriculum

Infant Lesson Plans

Ages 1 to 12 Months

Infant Curriculum

Pink Butterfly Our Preschool Curriculum Program Pink Butterfly

Our preschool curriculum programs consist of four week’s of themed lesson plans for each month that you purchase. Our lesson plans are sold by the month or by the year. Our preschool curriculums can be purchased as a download or as a download and on a CD.

Our preschool curriculum has step–by–step lesson plans, we get a lot of feed back from our customers who say our lesson plans are very easy to follow and how they love using our lesson plans in their daycare plus how much the children enjoy the activities and how much they are learning! The parents love seeing their little ones having fun while learning.

You will find all of our printable pages for the lesson plans in the download area. You will get a password right after you order to go to the download area to download or print out your order.

Our printable pages consist of lesson plans, four calendars that shows each days activities {5 days per week}, four posters {paper size}, supply list, printable games, craft patterns, worksheets or any other printable pages that you may need for the activities for the month of preschool curriculum that you purchase.

You will be able to print out the materials right after purchase. Our materials are downloads and consist of four week’s of lesson plans, four activity calendars, four weekly themed posters which are paper sized plus all printable pages needed for the month that you purchase.

Our curriculum can save you time and money, everything is ready for you to print out, the materials can be used year after year! Plus no waiting! As soon as you order you can download the materials, you don't have to wait for the items to arrive to your mailbox. You don't have to pay per child, you can print out as many as you need.

Please note: The posters are paper sized and work best being printed onto heavy paper such as white cardstock paper, which can usually be found at Wal-Mart, or any office supply store.

Pink Butterfly Weekly Lessons consist of: Small Pink Butterfly

Circle time activities
Art projects
Pre Writing
Pre Reading
Fine Motor
Large Motor/Muscle
Math {Numbers, shapes, counting, etc}
Words To Songs and/ or Finger Rhymes

Pink Butterfly Plus

Printable Games
Printable Craft Patterns
Printable Worksheets
Printable Calendars {Four}
Printable Posters {Four}
Step-by-Step Daily Lesson Plans{Four week’s}

Pink Butterfly Our Preschool Curriculum Program Includes Pink Butterfly

Our preschool curriculum program includes 4 week’s of lesson plans, 4 calendars, 4 posters (paper sized) plus the printable pages. Our preschool program is a download for 15.00 for each month that you purchase as a download or you can purchase on a CD for $25.00 per month.

Basic Supplies To Keep On Hand

You may want to keep basic supplys on hand, such as: Paper plates, cotton balls, paper bags, yarn, feathers, markers or crayons, construction paper, paint, craft sticks, stickers, etc.

Our preschool curriculum program is available year-round.

You can purchase any month at any time, and instantly download to your computer.

Our curriculum can be purchased by the month for $15.00 as an instant download or $25.00 on a CD. If purchased on a CD, the cost is $25.00 for each month that you purchase and this price does include shipping and handling charges.

Purchase 2 Or More Months To $$ Save Money

Pink Butterfly {Prices Below Are For Downloads – Add $10 For CD} Pink Butterfly

2 months for $25.00
3 months for $40.00
6 months for 75.00

The entire year for $150.00 {download & CD}

Click here to view discounts

Pink Butterfly Please Note: Our entire year of preschool is on sale for $150.00 as a download and on a CD.

Kids love using our program.
Parents love seeing their children exploring and learning.
And you will love how easy the curriculum is to use!

Pink Butterfly Order today and you can start using the materials right away! Order with a credit card and right after payment is made, you can start downloading the curriculum for the month that you purchased. Receive password instantly right after purchase is made.

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