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Preschool Spanish Lesson Plans

Fun Spanish Activities For Kids!

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Preschool Spanish Lessons

Spanish For Kids

Ages 2.5 – 6 Years

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Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Four Weeks Of Lesson Plans
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These lesson plans are for young children learning Spanish, there is one activity each day (5 days per week) which offers a fun Spanish learning activity or a printable game or a worksheet, plus on some of the days in our lesson plans we also offer the words to a song (short and simple to learn) or a TPR activity as well. So some days may have an activity, a TPR activity and the words to a song. We have made the lesson plans to be about 15 to 25 minutes each day.

View some of the activities for our Spanish lesson plans below.

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Hola Gato
Flash Cards
Print Out
Adiós Gato
How Many
niñas o niños

Printable Activity Pages

View Some Of Preschool Spanish September's Printable Pages

View the pictures above, and you can see the fun ideas for learning Spanish for the kids this month. The kids will have a great time learning Spanish with these fun activities and games for week 1. The Children will learn to say hola and adiós to el gato (the cat). They will learn the words los niños y niñas (boys and girls) with a fun cube game. Print out the cube and print out the girls and boys. The children will shake the cube and count out the boys and girls. The children will be learning the numbers 1, 2 3 this month and the colors red, yellow, green and brown and the shape circle, through fun games, activities and songs (words to songs).

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Spanish Preschool September

Week 2
Body Parts Poster
Teddy Bear Face
Make A Face Game
Face Cube
To Use With Teddy Bear Game
What's Missing
¿Qué falta?

Fun Hands On Learning Activities

Our Preschool Spanish Lessons
Includes one fun activity per week (5 days per week).

Some of the fun activities for week 2 will be to make the face cube with the el ojo (eye), la nariz (nose), la oreja (ear), la boca (mouth). Teacher will remove the face pieces from the teddy bear and as the children shake the cube die they will put the teddy bear back together, fun activity for learning partes del cuerpo (body parts).

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Our Lessons Plans Include
Fun Activities, Numbers, Colors & Shapes!

I Am A Boy Or Girl
Soy un niño o niña
Leaf Cube
For Leaf Game
Hungry Caterpillar
Feed The Caterpillar
hojas (leaves)
To Feed The Caterpillar

Lots Of Fun Spanish Activities

La oruga tiene hambre. The caterpillar is hungry, have the children feed him by shaking the cube die and counting out that many leaves.

¿De qué color es la hoja? What color is the leaf? Teach them hoja roja y hoja verde (red leaf and green leaf).

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Start Using Today
Our Spanish Lesson Plans

Apple Cube
For Apple Game
Para Ti
Apple Activity
Apple Activity
Teaches Colors In Spanish
Body Parts Review
6 Body Parts Cube

Fun Hands On Learning Activities

One Fun Activity Each Day (five days per week)
Plan on spending about 15 – 25 minutes each day teaching the children Spanish.

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