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August Preschool Curriculum Themes

Bird Theme, Dinosaur Theme, Nursery Rhymes Theme, Picnics & Barbecues Theme

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August Preschool Curriculum

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Ages 2.5 – 6 Years

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Week 1
Bird Week Theme
Week 2
Nursery Rhymes Theme
Week 3
Picnics & Barbecue Theme
Week 4
Dinosaur Week Theme

Four Weeks Of Lesson Plans
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August's Displays
Letters, Numbers, Colors & Shapes

August's Letters
R – Z
August's Colors
White & Black
August's Numbers
7 – 12
August's Shapes
Oval, Diamond & Triangle

Print Out And Display!
You can post the displays to let parents know what their child will be learning this month.

During the summer months we work on reviewing the letters, numbers, shapes and colors that the children were learning throughout the school year. This month the children will work on making an ABC book with the letters J – Q as these are the letters they will be reviewing this month. On each page the children will trace the letter and then color a picture for that letter such as for the letter R they will trace the Rr's and color two rabbits. They will play bingo and have Activities where they match up the letters plus many other fun activies to learn their numbers, shapes and colors. Our lesson plans include fun hands on learning activities and games to help teach August's numbers, letters, colors and shapes!

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Dinosaur Coloring Page
Stand Up Peacock
Bird Week Craft
Coloring Page
Baby Bird & Egg
Bird Week Craft
Duck Letters
Alphabet Game

Printable Activity Pages

View Some Of August's Printable Pages
Print Out games, craft patterns, coloring pages, work sheets and activities

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August Preschool Curriculum – More Pictures

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Five Ducks
Writing & Coloring Page
Birds Eat Worms
Fun Number Game
Owl Mask
Bird Week Craft
Bird Activity Cards
Print Out

Daily Lesson Plans

Five Days Per Week

Circle Time, Literacy, Songs, Rhymes, Craft/Art, Language Arts, Pre Reading, Math, Science
Plus Physical Activity, Gross Motor, Special Activity (Game, sensory, fine motor or dramatic play)

Fun Science For Kids
Parts Of A Bird

Parts Of The Bird
Science For Kids
Parts Of The Bird
Coloring Page
Parts Of The Bird
Bird's Tail
Parts Of The Bird
Bird's Wing

Print Out Bird Science Pages

Bird Poster & Coloring Pages

Print out the bird poster and show it to the children, point out the bird parts. Have the children color the parts of a bird coloring page. Later in the week print out the parts of bird, 10 separate pictures, one showing the eye, beak, head, neck, body, tail, wing, claw, leg and the breast pictures. Hold up one of the bird pictures and see if the children can remember which body part (Of the bird) is showing. Fun hands on science for kids!

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August Preschool Curriculum

Pre Reading Activities
Language Arts For Kids

Bird Letters
Print Out All 10
Letters A-Z
Clown Letters
Match Up The Letters
Color Words
Print Out All 8
Use with letter tiles
Duck Letters RST
Color The R's Red
Color The S's yellow

Fun Activities To Teach Children Their Letters

Fun Pre Reading Activities

Print out the ducks and have the children match up the letters on the cards, there are over 10 of these pages for the children to view the different birds on each page as they match up the letters to the cards they will see a woodpecker, baby chick, warblers, owl, cardinal, grey heron, egrets, pink flamingo and a few others.

Print out the clown and the colored balls the clown is juggling and have the children match up the colored balls by letter to the clown picture.

Print out the colored birds with the color words on the page. Give the children some letter tiles or print out the squares with the letters inside and have them match up the letters to the words on the cards, this is a nice activity for them to start to understand that letters make up words.

Print out the duck with the letters and have the children color the letter R's red, the letter S's yellow and the letter T's brown.These are some of our pre-reading (language arts) activities for this month, we have one for each day (five days per week).

Print Out Today !!
August's Weekly Posters

Bird Theme
Nursery Rhymes Theme
Picnic & Barbecue Theme
Dinosaur Theme

Posters Are Paper Size

Print out on card stock paper
Or print out on copy paper and place in sheet protectors

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August Preschool Curriculum

August's Weekly Calendar

Preschool Weekly Calendar

August Week 1
Review Letters – Review Numbers
Bird Week Theme

Daily Activities Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Circle Time

Group Discussions

Language and Social Skills

Calendar, weather, songs

Birds Nest

Calendar, weather, songs

Eggs & Baby Duck Game

Calendar, weather, songs


Calendar, weather, songs

Bird Shape Puzzles
Print Out

Calendar, weather, songs

Polly Wants A Cracker

Story Time

Language & Literacy

Books are not included, need to be purchased or borrowed from library.

In the Nest Are You My Mother? Feathers For Lunch One Duck Stuck

Boo Hoo Bird
Song Or Rhyme

Words to Songs or Rhymes (No music)

Language Skills, Movement & Gross Motor

I Saw An Egg
In A Nest Today
Shake Your Egg I Saw A Bluebird Two Little Bluebirds

This Is The Way
Art Project

Fine Motor Skills

You will find the directions for all the activities in the lesson plans.

Birds Nest With
Momma Bird and Eggs
Large Egg
& Baby Bird
Stand Up Peacock Two Bluebirds
Finger Puppets
Colorful Parrot

Language Arts, Literacy, Letters, Tracing, Matching

Printable activity pages for all games, coloring pages, etc. can be downloaded after purchase.

Clown Letters – Match Up My ABC Book – Letters R, S & T Duck Letters Bird Color Words Bird Letter Match Up

Numbers, Shapes, Colors

Number Blocks 1 – 12 Egg Number Match Up How Many Taps How Many Birds Are In The Nest? Birds Like Worms

Bird Cycle Coloring Book Parts Of The Birds (Poster) & Coloring Page Feathers Parts Of The Bird

Print out and make book

Feed The Birds
Physical Activity

Gross Motor, Large Muscle

Ring Around The Nest Eggs In The Grass Bird’s Fly Catch A Turkey Feed The birds Again!

Special Activity

Fine Motor, Games, Sensory, Dramatic Play, etc.

Bird Food – Sand Table Fun Catch The Eggs Who Says Hoo? Numbers Coloring Book

Parrot Snack – Sorting

Print Out Activity Calendars

Receive Four Activity Calendars For Each Month Purchased
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One Day Sample

Preschool Lesson Plans
May Week 3
Review Letters – Number 11
Flower Week

Day 1

Circle Time: The Tiny Seed
Read the story "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle to the children.

If you don't have the story "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle you August be able to borrow the book from your local library.

Next, have the children match up the flowers to the flower pots by letters.

 Plant Pot Flower Letters A, B, C Match Up

Flower Letter Match Up
Review Letters A – J

You will need 10 small sturdy plastic plant pots and label them A, B, C, D through the letter J. If you don't have any plastic flower pots you can use then see if you can find some metal cans (no sharp edges) from canned spaghetti, canned veggies, peanuts or use you may be able to use sturdy plastic cups; such as yogurt cups, or the covers from liquid soap (washed out) or sturdy plastic drinking cups, etc.

Flower Directions: Print out the flower tops onto white cardstock paper and color each flower top with a marker, use one color, such as red, orange, purple, green, brown and blue, color the centers yellow as you will need to write the letters into the centers of the flowers, if the centers are a light color you can use a marker onto the flowers center otherwise you will need to use circle stickers to write the letters on.

After all the flower tops have been colored attach them to jumbo craft sticks.

Lay all the flowers face down onto the floor and have the children sit around the flowers. Line up all the plant pots A, B, C...J in order in a row.

Have the children take turns picking a flower from the floor and holding it up and showing you which letter is on the flower and then have them match it to the matching letter on the flower pot and place the flower inside the flower pot, repeat with each child.

After they are done with this activity, teacher can mix up the flower pots and see if the children can help you get them back into the correct alphabetical order.

Song/Rhyme: Who Took A Blue Flower?

You will need the flower card file, cardstock paper, and a cloth bag or pillowcase.

You will need to use the flower cards again on day 4 and day 5.

Print out the flower cards onto white cardstock paper and place all the flowers into a cloth bag and have the children take turns picking one flower from the bag, have them hold up the flower and then sing the song below.

Repeat for each child for each colored flower that he/she picks from the bag.

There are only six flower cards, as they become used up, you will need to place them back into the bag and continue until everyone gets a turn.

Tune to: "The Farmer in the dell"

Ryan picked a flower,
Ryan picked a flower,
Hi Ho the dairy oh, Ryan picked a blue flower!

Note: As you sing the song above, change the name Ryan in the song above to the child's name that picks the flower from the bag and change the color of the blue flower to the color of the flower that he/she picks from the bag.

Art Time: Flower Poster

You will need white cardstock paper, flower poster file, sunflower seeds and crayons or markers.

Print out the flower poster onto white copy paper, print out one per child and have the children glue a few sunflower seeds to the seed circle, have them color the soil circle brown, the water circle blue and the sun circle yellow, have them color the flower any color they would like.

 Flower Game

Learning Time: Flower Game

Explain to the children that to grow a flower you first need a flower seed and the flower seed needs soil, water and sunshine to grow.

Then tell the children they are going to play the flower game and the first child to get all four items that the flower seed needs to grow into a flower will be the winner.

Flower Game Directions: The children will need to collect all four items (seed circle, soil circle, water circle and the sun circle) to win, place the pictures around the flower on the circles.

Print out the flower game and flower game pieces onto heavy paper such as white cardstock paper you will need to print out one flower game board per child. There are enough flower game pieces on each page for 2 children, print out enough flower game pieces for all the children.

Lay the flower game pieces face down onto the floor. Give each child a game board and show them the four circles on the game board and explain that in each circle is what the flower seed needs to grow into a flower. Tell them that they need one of each picture and as they collect the pictures they will match them up to the pictures on their game board, if they pick the same picture twice they need to put the duplicate picture back, face down onto the floor, and then the next child will take his turn, the first child to collect all four items is the winner.

Letter/Number: Pick The Sunflowers
You will need The sunflower print out, clear contact paper or clear packing tape, old fashioned clothespins (no springs), deck of cards, an egg carton and scissors.

The sunflowers will be used again at special activity time today.

Egg Carton Directions: Teacher will need to turn the egg carton upside down and make a hole in the center of each egg cup.

Flower Directions: Print out the sunflowers onto white cardstock paper, print out two to three flowers per child. Cover the flowers completely with clear contact paper or clear packing tape and then cut them out. You will need old fashioned clothespins, the ones that don't have a spring in them, and in the opening of the clothespin place the stem of the flower and tape it in there so it won't move, repeat with each of the flower print outs.

Cards: You will need a deck of playing cards and take out all the numbers 2 – 4 from the deck, you will be using only the playing cards with the numbers 2 – 4 on them, shuffle the cards and lay them face down onto the floor.

Activity: Have the children sit in a circle around the cards and take turns picking a card from the floor. Have them hold up the number they picked from the floor and tell you the number on the card and then have them pick that many sunflowers from the sunflower garden. After all the flowers have been picked from the sunflower garden, have the children plant the sunflowers, by putting them back, have them pick a card and put the sunflowers back or plant them, after all the sunflowers have been planted, then have them pick the flowers again. Repeat until everyone has had a turn. Help the children as needed.

Special Activity: Plant The Sunflowers

You will need: Sturdy plastic plant pots, or sturdy plastic containers, sunflower clothespins from letter/number time, sand table with Oatmeal or rice (for pretend sand)

You will need the sunflower clothespins from letter/number time today

Place the flowers into the sand table along with some sturdy plastic flower pots or sturdy plastic container such as a yogurt cups and show the children how to put some sand (oatmeal or rice) into their flower pot and then stick the flower in.

If you do not have a sand table you can provide each of the children with a dishpan with a small amount of oatmeal (for pretend sand) and have them play with the flowers in the dishpan or sand table.

Outside Sandbox? If you have an outside sandbox you may want to have the children take the flowers and the sturdy plastic flowerpots and spoons (pretend shovels) outside and do this activity outside today!

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Bird Puzzle Shapes for bird week Theme


Activity Pages


August Preschool Calendar Shows daily activties that the children are doing with the August preschool curriculum


Activity Calendars



Themed Posters

Activity Pages
Daily Samples
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August Preschool Curriculum

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Preschool Curriculum

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Theme Based Curriculum With Step by Step – Lesson Plans

Preschool & Toddler Lessons

Toddler or Preschool Program

My curriculum shown is for preschoolers. I also have toddler curriculum avaiable. If you would like to view my toddler curriculum Click Here

  • My theme based curriculum consist of four weeks of themed lesson plans per month to download or purchase on a CD. You will receive 25 – 40 pages of content per month for lessons PLUS 20 to 40 printable activity pages which consist of Printable games, craft patterns, coloring pages and activities for each month purchased. You will also be able to download four activity calendars per month and four weekly themes posters per month, which will print out regular paper size.

  • Weekly Lessons consist of:

  • Circle time activities

  • Art projects

  • Hands on activities

  • Fun learning activities

  • Words to songs and/ or finger plays

  • Plus

  • Step-by-step daily lesson plans

  • Printable games and activities

  • Printable craft patterns, coloring pages and work sheets

  • Four activity calendars – one for each week of curriculum activities

  • Four curriculum posters – one for each week of themed curriculum

    Supplies are basics such as paper plates, cotton balls, paper bags, yarn, feathers, markers or crayons, construction paper, paint, craft sticks, stickers, etc.

    My curriculum can be purchased by the month for $15.00 as an instant download. Or you can save money and purchase my curriculum by the year. My curriculum program is available year-round. You can purchase any month at any time, and instantly download to your computer. Or you can purchase the material on a CD.  If purchased on a CD, the cost is $25.00 for each month that you purchase and this price does include shipping and handling charges

    Kids love using my program, parents love seeing their children exploring and learning, and you will love how easy the curriculum is to use!

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    Four Weekly Themes Per Month


    New Year's
    Teddy Bears

    Dental Health
    Five Senses

    Forest Animals
    St. Patrick's Day
    Pet Week
    Zoo Animals

    Bunny, Chick & Lamb
    Community Workers

    Mother's Day

    Storybook Week
    Father's Day

    Fourth of July

    Nursery Rhymes
    Picnics & Barbecues

    Welcome Week
    All About Me


    Farm Animals
    Fruits & Vegetables
    Native Americans


    Our curriculum is sold by the month as an instant download for $15.00 or on a CD for $25.00 for each month purchased. Or you can purchase our curriculum by the year. You can purchase any month at any time and have instant access to start downloading. Look for the month you are thinking about purchasing above and then you will see the four weeks of lessons plans that are included in that months curriculum. Click on the months on the chart above to view the curriculum.

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