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December Young Toddler
Ages 12 to 18 Months
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What's Included?

Young Toddler December Curriculum


~ Includes ~

Four weeks of lesson plans.

Printable pages for December.

Four calendars.(one for each week) you can edit the calendars

Four posters – paper sized – print out (one for each week).

Entire month available for download or print out as needed! (Ages 12 to 18 months)

Plus printable activity pages – printable games, patterns, learning pictures, etc.

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Have questions? Email us at or call us at 1 (800) 591-4135 (10 – 5 East Coast Time)

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Spanish Lesson Plans
Spanish Lesson Plans

Fun Hands On Activities
For Teaching Young Children Spanish!

Sold Separately – Preschool Spanish Lessons

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Spanish Lesson Plans
Spanish Lessons
For Kids
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Do you have a pet? Tiene Una Mascota?

¿Tiene Una Mascota?
Spanish eBook
(PDF File)

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Peek A Boo Numbers eBook

Peek-A-Boo Numbers eBook
(PDF File)

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Infant Curriculum Lesson Plans With Fun Daily Activities!
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Dinosaur theme

Math Pack
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